Re-bed and point ridge caps and gable tiles

TP Roofing use only the highest quality roofing materials.

TP Roofing - Cracked motar at ridge caps repair required

Cracked motar at ridge caps repair required

Ridge capping is the high point where two sloping roof surfaces meet. A gable is the edge of a pitched roof. The cement mortar on roofs under the ridge tiles and gable tiles deteriorates over time becoming cracked loose and unstable. Slipped ridges and hip cuts are entry points for water penetration and possums. Cracked mortar on your roof looks old and is frequently the cause of roof leaks.

All roofs require maintenance.TP Roofing take time to remove all the old cement mortar from your ridge and gable tiles before replacing it with new 4x1 cement mix and flexible pointing, we ensure we lay the tiles to align and assess each roof to determine if weep holes are required along the top ridge capping.

At gable ends we install galvanized flashing under fibro bedding strips before bedding and pointing as a further preventative measure against wind and rain getting under the gable tiles.

Flexible pointing bonds the ridge cap the mortar and the tile together, it can prolong the life of the cement mortar. Flexible pointing is a waterproof membrane that comes in a variety of colours to match your roof.